HSR Circular III regarding Submission of Psychological Assessment Report of PAPs registered on CARINGS 16-02-2018
Facilitating Adoption of Siblings and their separation for Adoption if it is in their est interest 13-02-2018
Suspension of Holt International Children Services, USA 10-01-2018
Adoptive Parents and Adoptees as member in steering committee of CARA 05-01-2018
TA DA for Social worker 28-12-2017
Amendment of HSR Circular 20-12-2017
MEA instructions for Issuance of Passport 04-12-2017
Renewal of recognition of Specialized Adoption Agencies (SAAs) 04-12-2017
Amendment in Home Study Report (HSR) for incoporating the Psychological profiling of Prospctive Adoptive Parents desiring to register on CARINGS for Adopting A Child from INDIA 27-11-2017
Confirmity Certificate as a document submission for applying passport of adopted children 24-11-2017
Health status of Children in their medical examination Report(MER) 17-10-2017
Office Memorandum regarding monthly interaction through the “Jan Sampark” program to enable the public to flag their concerns and seek redressal of their grievances. 22-08-2017
Circular regarding issues related to MER, Matching Process and Disruption 09/10/2017
DO Letter to all SARAs in regards to CWC in every district 18/08/2017
Provisioning of Counselling facility to PAPs, Older Child & others for adoption related issues at District Level by the DCPUs 18/08/2017
Office Memorandum regarding Constitution of Governing body of SARA, its role and Quarterly meeting as per the JJ Act, 2015 and Adoption Regulations, 2017 18/07/2017
Office Memorandum regarding Responsibility of the District Magistrate Collector Dy Commissioner in Adoption 19/05/2017
Office Memorandum regarding Constitution & Responsibility of CWC in Adoption 19/05/2017
Guidelines on Internship in CARA 20/04/2017
Circular – Constitution of Relaxation Committee 28/04/2017
Office Memorandum regarding Adoption Fee 05/04/2017
Exemption from submission of surety bond for issuance of passport to inter-country adopted children 07/12/2016
D O Letter – reg Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Model Rules, 2016


Continuity of the Guidelines Governing Adoption of Children 2015


Online Inter-country Adoption process-reg.


Online registration for Adoption through Voter Card for PAPs residing in NE states- reg. 13/01/2016
Notice for PAPs Giving Clarification Regarding Age Criteria 02/12/2015
Notice for PAPs Regarding Referral of Children 30/10/2015
Letter to Principal Secretaries of MWCD/Social Welfare Departments of All State/UTs from Deputy Secretary, MWCD 16/09/2015
Procedure for Registration of Orphan/Abandoned Children- Issue of Guidelines  27/08/2015
Clarification on Making/Changing Entries in Birth Record of Children Taken on Adoption  27/08/2015
Engaging DCPU to Facilitate Adoption Process  21/08/2015
Letter to Chief Secretaries of All State/UTs from Chairperson, CARA 12/08/2015
Letter to Principal Secretary of All State/UTs from Joint Secretary, MWCD 04/08/2015
Latest Notice Regarding Introduction of  Adhaar Number in the Adoption System 03/08/2015
Notice for SAAs with Reference to New Adoption Guidelines, 2015 01/08/2015
Determination of seniority list of waiting PAPs 06/07/2015
Liberalization of Issuance of Passport to inter-country adopted children 19/03/2015
Notice Regarding Information of Aadhaar Number in the Adoption System 14/03/2015
Notice for Hospitals/Nursing Homes/Maternity Homes etc 27/01/2015
Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) notification for treating Person of Indian Origin (PIOs) as Overseas Citizen of India (OCIs) 09/01/2015
Issuance of Passports to adopted children children under inter-country adoption reg- 08/01/2015
Simplifying passport application process: Self Attestation of documents


Expeditious Issue of Passports to Adopted Children Under Inter-country Adoption 16/05/2013
Procedure for making/changing entries in the birth record for children taken on adoption- Issue of Guidelines 12/03/2012
Enhancement of Child Adoption Leave from 135 days to 180 days and extension of the facility of Paternity Leave to adoptive fathers 22/07/2009
Grant of Child Adoption Leave for 135 days to the female Govt. servants on adoption of a child upto one year of age 31/03/2006

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