In Country Adoption


  1. Prospective Adoptive Parents(PAP’s) may register online on Central Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System(CARINGS) on the website of Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) i.e. website:
  2. The PAPs can opt for desired state or states at the time of registration.
  3. The registration is confirmed to the PAPs immediately on receipt of the complete application and thereafter acknowledgement slip is generated.


    1. The documents have to be uploaded by the PAP’s within a period of 30 days from the date of registration failing which the PAPs will have to register afresh.
    2. The PAPs get their registration number from the acknowledgement slip and use it for viewing the progress of their application.

    III) Home Study Report (HSR)

    1. The PAPs may select a SAA nearest to their residence (while registering) for Home Study Report in their state.
    2. The Home Study Report prepared by SAA or an empanelled social worker will be completed within 30 days and will be shared with the PAPs immediately.
    3. The PAPs would be declared eligible and suitable on the basis of their Home Study Report and in case any PAP is not declared eligible or suitable, the reason for the same should be recorded in CARINGS by the SAA.
    4. The Home Study Report remains valid for 3 years and would serve the basis for PAPs being eligible to adopt a child from anywhere in the country.

    IV) Referral & Matching

    1. On the basis of seniority, the PAPs would be referred the profile of child online through CARINGS, which will include photographs, Child Study Report (CSR) and Medical Examination Report (MER) in their preference category (If Any).
    2. After viewing the profile of children, the PAPs may reserve the child within a period of 48 hours.
    3. Suitability of the PAPs may be assessed by an Adoption Committee of the SAA where the child is.
    4. The SAA will organise a meeting of the PAPs with the child during the matching and acceptance process.
    5. In case, the Adoption committee does not find the PAP’s suitable, the reason for the same shall be recorded by the SAA in CARINGS and the PAP’s may appeal to CARA against the decision.
    6. Please Note: The PAPs would provide original documents or notarised copy of the document to the SAA.

    V) Acceptance

    1. While accepting the child, the PAPs have to sign the CSR and MER (which can be downloaded from the CARINGS) in the presence of a social worker of the SAA. The PAPs acceptance will be recorded by SAA in the CARINGS. The PAPs may also get the MER of the child reviewed by a medical practitioner of their own choice and the expenditure of the same will be borne by PAP’s.
    2. In case the PAPs do not accept the reserved child, then the PAPs would be relegated to the bottom of the seniority list. PAP’s may avail a fresh chance when the seniority becomes due.

    VI) Pre- Adoption Foster Care

    1. The PAPs can take the child in pre-adoption foster care within 10 days from the date of matching, after signing the pre-adoption foster care agreement in the format provided at Schedule 8 of the Adoption Regulations, 2017.

    VII) Court Order

    1. Application for Adoption order shall be filed by the SAA with the PAP’s as co-applicant within 10 days of acceptance of child by PAP’s as per the format given at Schedule XXVIII of the Adoption Regulations 2017.
    2. The court will hold the adoption proceeding in-camera and court order be issued by the court concerned within two months from the date of filing of the adoption application by the SAA.
    3. A certified copy of the adoption order from the court should be forwarded by the SAA to the PAPs within 10 days of issuance of the court order.

    VIII) Birth Certificate

    1. The Birth Certificate will be issued within 8 working days in favour of the adopted child with the name of adoptive parents as parents, and date of birth as recorded in the adoption order issued by the court.

    IX) Post Adoption Follow up

    1. The SAA which has prepared the Home Study Report has to prepare the post-adoption follow-up report on six monthly basis for two years as per schedule XII of Adoption Regulation 2017.
    2. In case the adoptive parents relocate, they have to inform the agency that conducted the Home Study and the DCPU where they have relocated to.
    3. In case the child is having adjustment problem with the adoptive parents, the SAA can arrange the required counseling or link them to the counseling center set up at DCPU/SARA/CARA whenever required.

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