In Country Relative Adoption

I) Registration by the PAPs on CARINGS

  1. Prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) shall register in CARINGS (

    II) Uploading of Documents of PAPs

      The PAPs are required to upload the following documents:-
    1. Proof of residence of the prospective adoptive parents.
    2. Consent of the older child of the prospective adoptive parents for such adoption (required only in case the child is more than 5 years.)
    3. Consent of the biological parents (as provided in Schedule XIX of the Adoption Regulations)
    4. Permission from the Child Welfare Committee to the legal guardian to surrender the child in adoption with the relative as provided in Schedule XXII (if applicable).
    5. Affidavit by prospective adoptive parents in support of their relationship, financial and social status as provided in Schedule XXIV of the Adoption Regulations.

    III) 3. Verification of documents by District Child Protection Unit (DCPU)

    1. District Child Protection Unit shall scrutinize the documents uploaded by PAP’s for verification purposes.

    IV) Legal Procedure

    1. Filing of application & obtaining Court order by the PAPs. The prospective adoptive parents, who intend to adopt the child of a relative, shall file an application in the competent court of the district where the child resides with biological parents or guardians along with a consent letter of the biological parents and all other documents as provided in Schedule VI.
    2. Adoption order from court.


    • Only the above mentioned list of certificates/documents as applicable are required to be filed. Infertility certificate is NOT required in any case of adoption.
    • Definition of Relative: “Relative”, in relation to a child for the purpose of adoption under this Act, means a paternal uncle or aunt, or a maternal uncle or aunt, or paternal grandparent or maternal grandparent [Section 2(52) of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015].

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