Indian Diplomatic Missions (IDM)

Indian diplomatic missions abroad shall have the following role in inter-country adoption of Indian children, namely:-

  1. liaise with Central or public authorities concerned to ensure safeguards of children of Indian origin adopted by Non-Resident Indian, Overseas Citizen of India or foreign parents against neglect, maltreatment, exploitation or abuse;
  2. interact with the authorised foreign adoption agencies and Central Authorities within their jurisdiction and organise or participate in the get-togethers of the adopted children and their parents;
  3. recommend proposals for authorisation of foreign adoption agencies for the purpose of sponsoring applications for adoption of Indian children;
  4. issue visa to foreign prospective adoptive parents who wish to see a child in person at a Specialised Adoption Agency in India, before accepting him for adoption, after their adoption application is approved by the Authority, and also for attending the court proceedings as well as for receiving the child thereafter;
  5. empanel and authorise social workers to complete adoption application formalities including Home Study Report in a foreign country, where there is no Authorised Foreign Adoption Agency or a Government department to deal with adoption;
  6. register the adoption applications of Non-Residence Indian Prospective Adoptive Parents or Overseas Citizen of India in Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System alongwith requisite documents as specified in Schedule VI and upload post-adoption follow-up reports as in regulation 19;
  7. the Indian diplomatic mission processing the adoption application, either directly or through the authorised organization, shall send progress report of the child on quarterly basis in the first year and on six monthly basis in the second year, from the date of arrival of the child in the receiving country and in case of disruption of adoption, shall take actions as provided in regulation19;
  8. contact the Central Authority or other authorities in the receiving countries to ensure safeguards of children of Indian origin adopted by Non-Resident Indian or Overseas Citizen of India or foreign parents and in case of disruption of adoption, a report in this regard shall also be sent to the Authority at the earliest;
  9. render necessary help and facilitate the repatriation of the child in case required, in consultation with the local authorities, adoption agency concerned and the Authority;
  10. facilitate root search by an adoptee of Indian origin, if contacted; and
  11. communicate any report or observation, which it may consider as important and relevant in the matter of inter-country adoptions to the Authority.

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