Inter Country Adoption

I) Registration Process

  1. Any NRI (Non Resident Indian), OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) or Foreign PAP’s living in a country which is a signatory of the Hague Adoption Convention, wishing to adopt an Indian child, can approach the AFAA (Authorised Foreign Adoption Agency) or the Central Authority concerned for their registration in CARINGS on the website of CARA and also for their Home Study Report.
  2. In case, there is no AFAA or Central Authority then the PAPs shall approach the Govt. Department or Indian Diplomatic Mission in that country.

    II) Home Study Report (HSR) by AFAA/CA

    1. The PAPs shall get their Home Study Report conducted by AFAA/Central Authority or the Govt. Department or the Indian Diplomatic Mission.

    III) Uploading of documents by AFAA/CA

    1. On being declared eligible they shall register their application in CARINGS in the format along with the required documents as specified in schedule VI.
    2. The seniority of the PAPs shall be counted from the date of their online registration and uploading of the requisite document on CARINGS.

    IV) Referral and Acceptance

    1. The profile of child online shall be forwarded to PAPs.
    2. The PAPs may reserve the referred child within 96 hours.
    3. If the PAPs reserve one of the children shown, they shall accept the child by signing the child study report and MER of the child within 30 days.
    4. If the PAPs fail to accept the reserved child within 30 days the seniority of the PAPs shall be relegated to the bottom of the list.
    5. Once relegated to the bottom of the list the PAPs shall be given another opportunity to reserve and accept a child when their turn becomes due provided that their Home Study Report remains valid.
    6. The PAPs may be allowed to see the child if they desire to do so once their adoption application is approved.
    7. The PAPs may also get the MER of the child reviewed by a medical practitioner.

    V) NOC and Pre-adoption foster Care

    1. The PAPs may take the child in pre- adoption foster care for a temporary period within India after issuance of No Objection Certificate by the Authority after furnishing an undertaking to the SAA while the court order is pending.

    VI) Adoption order, Passport and Visa

    1. The PAPs shall receive final custody of the child after the issue of adoption order from the court and issue of passport and visa.
    2. In case the PAPs reside abroad and want the SAA to represent on their behalf, their application shall also be accompanied by a Power of Attorney in favour of an authorised social worker to handle the case and the PAPs appearance may be exempted and Adoption order can be finalised.
    3. The adoptive parents shall take the adopted child within a period of two months from the date of adoption order.

    VII) Post Adoption Follow up

    1. The PAPs shall furnish an undertaking that would allow personal visit of the representative of AFAA, the Central Authority or Govt. Department to ascertain the progress of the child for a period of two years on quarterly basis during the first year and six monthly in the second year.
    2. In case an OCI or Foreign PAPs move out of India, before the completion of two years after adoption, they shall inform the Authority, furnish their new address and continue to send their post adoption progress report.

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